$CDEV haha the only two things I’m actually worried about is whether I should hold for $10+ and close a multi million trade and how to get taxed less. $5-10 I have no worries it’ll eventually happen, either on a massive surge on oil or towards the end of the year. $3-5 is a given imo. congrats to everyone buying and holding, very happy to see everyone making and or on their way to making a lot of cash! Good luck I’ll be here the whole journey with you guys! 🔥 the original plan for me was to sell $5-10, but we’ll see how things play out, I may or may not hold longer than that! And river stone now owns 1/3 of the company, which is a great confidence boost, shares are getting locked up left and right, the float is shrinking day by day, the squeeze up will be grand 🔥🤫
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