$AABB just crossed 100k profit, but not selling a single share. If this just reaches its intrinsic value it would be .30-.50 according to Blackbeard’s amazing calculations. The bigger thing is having their own gold backed crypto, which could turn it into a Mara/riot type long term play. Long hold worst case .30 best case $1+. I’ve lost millions because I got out after making some profit on plays that exploded long term. I was holding 2% of the entire SUNW company at .68 or 377k shares, had I held for less than a year that would’ve been $4 million profit. Same with fcel, was watching under .50 as well as bngo. Truth is the only way to make a lot of money in the stock market is to find a gem before everyone else and be patient. We already did that, we found a company that will launch the first vertically integrated gold crypto coin. If tomorrow they make over $50 million cash, they will have all the money and resources to make their coin, in this case I will hold for multi millions here
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