$AABB more information will not help you. I have seen many here try to compare AABBG to everything from Coinbase to stable coins to other exchanges. the exchange is not what we are waiting for— if it was I would’ve sold a long time ago— we already have hundreds of exchanges, we don’t need anymore. so what are we waiting for? The creation of an innovation that does not exist to monopolize a market that does not exist. that is the way to real wealth in business. if no one has your vision, they can’t compete with you— you are seen as delusional until you succeed— giving you time to carefully and thoughtfully build a monopoly. that is how Tesla— one of the youngest car companies— built a near EV monopoly that is equivalent to every major car company combined. and I am sure Elon’s going to do the same with space. life on Mars is so delusional that no one’s going to compete with him— until he succeeds at which point it’s too late— he will be the big player in that market.