$INO chat is bullish sitting above the EMA (20, 50, 200) too. All good indications for us going into next week if it holds up. Low volume, my hypothesis is a majority of this rise is attributed to puts & shorts being closed out. Kim will be particularly vulnerable Monday if we don't have something else to disclose; we continue to sit in an open field that allows us to get picked off too easily by shorts. Just P2/P3 FDA approval will stabilize us in the $15-18 price range, not even factoring in funding or the peer review. Stay strong Inovions, I truly believe we see $20-25 this month if we're lead to believe Investor Relations, which we should be able to rely on. Have a great weekend! I'll post some technical readings if there is anything worthwhile sharing before logging off today. It's been a long 2 months, but I believe we're turning a corner.
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