$IDEX My guess is that they’ll start actively promoting DBOT and “Ideanomics Capital”much more in the upcoming months. They’ll blame financing issues for upcoming failures, delays, and outright lies. That should buy them another 6-12 months with new investors. After that, it will be time for another pivot, and they can start selling off the garbage portfolio companies to raise cash.
@MrGrowth Garbage portfolio companies is a nice LIE by a fake alias account used by our local bear Giga Carbon. He has several . Energica up 92 percent and coming to USA and expanding and growing. Solectrac is continuing to expand hiring assemblers and all sales to keep up with growing demand. Timios is a proven cash cow and Treeletrik just signed a great contract for over 300k scooters and they are expanding manufacturing. The Sourcewell contracts is exclusive for 4 years and it opens the door to fleet sales to all levels of government with no red tape and no bid process. What one of those is garbage ?
@BearsHateMe I’ve never been compensated in any way to post my opinions. Is that true for all of the IDEX pumpers? Also, why did you feel compelled to start a stocktwits account a month ago, and then post on the IDEX board 5-10x a day?