$IBIO Columbus Day More than 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus’s intrepid voyage to the New World ushered in a new era of exploration and discovery. His travels led to European contact with the Americas and, a century later, the first settlements on the shores of the modern day United States. Today, we celebrate Columbus Day to commemorate the great Italian who opened a new chapter in world history and to appreciate his enduring significance to the Western Hemisphere. See Also iBio The authorization of antibody therapies for emergency use will be a moment of triumph for science The Columbus of antibody therapies
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@jn1424 @OceanGrown - Hi JN, you must not be from New Jersey or Genoa? Honestly, I don't think the Italians or Indigenous are as bothered as some are here. I certainly haven't seen Indians protesting. Those same reasons/facts have existed for the last 500 yrs, but the reasoning has changed of late. Folks don't have to look far for something to complain about or offend them...and this seems like cherry-picking in this, the latest climate. Cancel Culture. Soon we'll be attacking Scandinavians for being Vikings. I'm happy to see that Italians are making a stand. I'm not here to argue or take a firm position, I just wanted to post my meme. Ciao!
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