$SCR.CA Regurgitating some stuff. Of the PENN deal states available, these are the states that have "on-line" betting to a degree Iowa, pop. 3,156,145 on-line is good to go now, after a one-time registration at a land based site [We know ScoreBet is deep in the throws of acquiring a license due to the IRGC meeting on Oct 15th] Mississippi, pop. 2,986,530 on-line is good to go, but must be conducted at a land-based site. You cannot place on-line bets off site. [I can't find any Score applications to MS] Michigan, pop. 9,995,915 on-line could be legal as early as Oct 2020, but probably 2021 [I can't find any Score applications to MI] Then there was an article in Legal Sports Report that asked Levy about TN and VA. Neither of these states are in the PENN deal, however, both of these states look like they permit on-line operators to operate without being tied to a land based operator. See part 2
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