@MrHamilton great info as always, thanks Mr. H. Should we not be excited about these #'s? Matching last year's handle in Q1 and showing consistent growth in market share in each state is exactly what I would want to see as an investor. Forming strategic partnerships, getting access to relevant markets, securing proper funding, showing real growth - what else can a retail investor like myself and potential buy out company ask for?
@NL27 - Hi NL, You're a sharp guy and I'm not going to tell you much. I hope to learn from you. I think the numbers are exciting. It's what I want too. Where the rubber meets the road is the Score's NGR, net gaming revenue...GGR minus promos, rebates and the other goodies. All Q's last year saw negative NGR :( Also, our GGR for this quarter may be slightly overstated due to NJ calculations. Try and follow me here. I used our last know percentage of NJ OL Handle to formulate our Handle [that was 1.4%], however, I think due to the variation in NJ OL Handle and Monmouth Revenue going in opposite directions, it's possible that Monmouth's Handle [which isn't reported] may have gone down, reflective of their reported revenue. Long story short, even if I've estimated Q1 handle $2M too high, it's still one fuck of a Q compared to same Q prior year, as well as the FY2020.
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