$TTCF $SBE Finally back in the game after I sold most of my shares after the insane sell off last month (HYLN, VLDR, FSR, FEAC, SFT and RIDE, which I kind of regret, although I still think it will tank again after a possible market correction). I now got 2,000 shares of Tattooed Chef and 2,000 shares of Charge Point, so... quite bigger positions than my previous ones of the many SPACs above (700 to 1,000 for most). These two companies will grow with every quarter, they have daily revenues and are growing constantly. That's the most important thing I've learned of the sell off in October, don't buy pictures and ideas, buy companies that have actually SOMETHING. Vegan food and electric vehicles are sectors to be invested in for the next few years at least. Here for the long haul, good luck to all of us!
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