@lordofmorningwood13 @Thankfulness They don’t want to see any of these calls pay out so they’ll peg the price where I said. Unless a ton of puts come in to outweigh the calls. The market markers who underwrite the calls attempt to move the price the opposite way of the highest number of in the money calls. They want to collect the premium when the sell the call. Then make them worthless …suckers buy…lots of retail buys puts like with GME and Rivian and Lucid this week they drive price up to ruin them. Lots of Retail buys calls like Viacom they drive price down by shorting. They want to see as few winners as possible Aka options term max pain. Most losers possible.
@Lifeisfine @lordofmorningwood13 @Thankfulness Speaking of a ton of puts, do you think that the high OI in 9 & 10 puts on NKLA for 18Feb will cause the stock price to remain above 10? I saw an earlier post you made that said the smart money thinks it's heading to 8 based on these figures. Does that mean it is likely to drop, or will it start to pop higher if/when those puts go in the money & are sold to take profits, if there are any to be had at that point? The P/C ratio is mighty high at 9 & 10. Still learning to read options chains. Thanks!