$WISH Ebay ipo was $18 in 1998 low was $3 dollars in 2002.. trades at $70 currently Amazon December 03, 1999, $113.00 then dropped to $6.69 on September 21, 2001. Dollar Tree July 1996 was trading at $3 today its $100 Target Feb 1996 was trading at $7, today it’s $230 Snap December 21,2018 traded at $4.99 Trades at $75 today. On Aug 9th WISH PARCEL was launched to help small businesses save on shipping Soon wish will launch grocery products on the app. It will be a next level company very soon. Only companies with higher shopping app usage in the US are Amazon($3,288), Walmart ($139) and eBay $75. Wish a $5 stock is 4th highest even higher than Target($230), Shein, Baba($160) Dollar Tree($100) That makes sense right? If you are long for WISH you don't have to worry.