$FRAN $BIMI $CODA $DPW 💥🔥 BUY ALERT 🔥💥 (His, not mine) 🚫💥🔥 DBTS 🔥💥 🚫 (Don't buy the spike) Do you ever find yourself missing out on your favorite pumper's stocks of the week or entering at a higher price as everyone rushes to buy? The answer - I'm tracking them for you. Here are MIP's picks from July 31st through today. Google sheet attached with many new fields to help traders make the best decisions for entering new positions. Also, just wanted to send a reminder that at least a few of these companies have earnings coming up soon - FRAN, BIMI, CODA and DPW. docs.google.com/spreadsheet... No more buying the pump. Problem solved. Good luck everyone! 🍀