$EROS Who is India’s biggest TV network: Fox’s Star India Network (Fox Star =700 million people in That's how many viewers Fox's Star India network says it reaches every month through over 60 television channels offering sports, entertainment and news.) Fox Star Has a Streaming Platform: Hotstar Streaming *75 million monthly active subscribers at the end of 2017 Netflix (NFLX) had 5 million in India, Amazon (AMZN) Prime 11 million. Now, who owns Fox Star and Hot Star? $DIS(Disney) Who owns the biggest collection of Indian film content and its licenses? $EROS What would you do if you were Disney? Hotstar + Eros+ complete control of the market. What would you do if you were Netflix? Netflix + Eros handicaps the competitor in the biggest entertainment market on earth. Someone will take this gem and it won’t be cheap. Gazillions are at stake.
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