$EROS Man. Just go to google and look up erosnow prime. Other than the few news stories about this it is basically 10 pages of eros bundles, movie content and videos all on amazon. There isn't a chance in hell this isn't foretelling some kind of new partnership with bezos. Eros would just be burying their service under page after page of amazon ads.
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@MrSaxobeat Yeah. Nothing makes any sense about this unless amazon is in play somehow. Nothing. 1. Eros seems to get along pretty well with amazon. Amazon gets new eros content regularly and releases it on prime. Also the eros package is usually promoted on its subscription page. 2. Eros would not want a legal battle over the prime name. They could not handle it. There isn't enough money in eros to really take on amazon if amazon sued. 3. India is the biggest battleground in the streaming wars. I cannot see bezos giving up an inch especially with some of the other big players pushing back launch dates. 4. Adding english content is a huge step forward for global profitability. I like that more than I like the name. This is a huge PR announcement.
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@Odell763 Yeah given our previous DD in regards to Prem and his connections.. To me.. this doesn't make sense.. Unless Bezos opens up his wallet so much that $EROS is unable to say no.. I'm not sure.. this is wild! Very big! Very good news and not the type I expected.
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