$ESGC The review taking place was always part of the merger. "Upon completion of the merger, STX will perform a detailed review of Eros’ accounting policies. As a result of that review, STX may identify differences between the accounting policies of the two companies that, when conformed, could have a material impact on the consolidated financial statements of the combined company." sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data...
@MrSaxosays @trufflehog yes. The delay, I believe, is due to their own internal audit. It doesn't appear that their external auditors are holding things up. The complication in accounting is the conversion of the eros international standards to GAAP which is what STX uses. We know eros overstated their subscriber numbers and we got the correction earlier in the year. Improperly booked revenue is a one off event and once corrected won't impact the forward earning potential of the business. The subsidiary filed an audited financial statement for fiscal 2020. So it's unclear really why this is taking so long. A conspiracy theorist might suggest that they are intentionally holding back the info. Not sure why.