$VBIV Right now from top pharmas only Pfizer-BioNTech are continuing with phase 3 expected to close november 2022. Moderna/NIAID is also continuing with phase 3 expected to close october 2022. If our approach is the correct one, more & more players will turn their eyes to VBIV as rumours leak out. We have a potential solution, this virus is going to stay for a long time. People have not realized yet but they will. The fact huge players are failing means that the slow approach is the correct one for a vaccine to be done properly...rushing things leads to failures we are seeing. Hoping this affects positively us as potential contenders to have another solution... for companies like CSL or GSK a Covid pipeline could be worth a fortune. Raymond James Upgrades VBI Vaccines (VBIV) to Strong Buy; 'This Might Be the Best COVID Vaccine' streetinsider.com/Analyst+C...
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