$VBIV Weekly recap: If there is a deal in the works just from the tax incentives it should be done until Jan 2021 so taxes are not an issue. We know these facts: * Hepatitis B (SciBVac) + GBM + Hep B Tx (Brii Bio) all positive * Positive catalysts have a delayed effect. Run when tutes want. * SciBVac filings in US,CA, EU & UK around corner. * Pan-Coronavirus clinical studies coming in December. * Institutionals are way up in Q4 * Manipulation is at its highest (tutes want more shares from retailers that still control around 42%) * VBI has opened a sub in Holland that can only be for M&A * No partnership announced yet. * GSK or CSL as contenders (I am leaning towards CSL) * CSL: Big player in influenza // Braga a key executive with tons of experience in commercialization influenza vaccines. * The man on the pic will have the last laugh... All systems should be a go in December-January after all pipelines are on their way to next Commercial // clinical phases. Hope that helps. GLTA.
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