$RUM When I found Rumble last Dec I knew I had to go all in because I believe the way a man spends or invests his money shows where his heart truly is...I don't have a dime invested in disney, google, meta etc...So I went all in on Rumble because they share one of my beliefs...Free Speech...I've been holding 39100 shares since Dec...Last week when it hit the 11.50's I bought another 10000 so with 49100 shares today was quite a day!...I would never suggest anyone did what I did putting 1/2 their wealth in one basket but when you're so sure you've got a winner and they're trying to protect free speech, what am I supposed to do, buy more Sofi or Draftkings?...Thank you Chris and all the staff at Rumble for all your hard work!...And thank you Chris and the crew for protecting free speech...And may God bless and protect Rumble, this United States tha I love and our Freedoms!...And to all you freedom loving Patriots on here with me I hope all your dreams come true!...God bless...