$SIRC It’s amazing we hit our 52wk low yesterday. That 52wk low might stand for the next 52 weeks if we’re really at the bottom. May 12, 2022 could be the beginning of the turnaround. The potential of making 50MM Revenue on the quarterly which is almost half of the entire market cap with these margins is pretty amazing. This is very similar to when the price was in the 0.05 range before the $3 run. The company valuations are high, and the price is low, and reports will be filed showing high growth, profits and hopefully very healthy cash flow. I realize it may take a couple quarters for the positive EPS to be confirmed. Can you imagine a $0.23 stock making a quarterly EPS of $0.05? A PE of 1 annualized. And growing at 400% year over year? TTM growth expectations of 400% YOY for the next year.