Wow guys, I am slowly getting through that list! A lot of you are looking at technicals for your tickers and I love it! You can definitely learn this, my tutor and hubby wrote the textbook to Trading with Technical Indicators, and you can order it. We are ordering a 2nd print in a week, and it will be here in two weeks. There might be a book left but I know Kyle is still catching up on those emails so I’d assume you’re getting on the early list for the 2nd printing. Email Kyle theblackinkeconomist@gmail,com to get 1-1 tutoring or to order the textbook! This is how I learned to do what I do here on Stocktwits Still working through the list, I’ll keep at it when I have 5 min here and there! Thanks for the dd requests, it’s awesome to see people learning the indicators and getting better Btw, if you sign up for subscriber+ with Kyle you get a bunch of extra features to the alerts and newsletters, and the newest one next month will be scanner access! Subscriber+ is Limited to 30 ppl!
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