$RWLK this one is a little riskier given the recent offering. But from what I saw, this is oversold by a good 20%+ and so I’ve been waiting for the technicals to turn bullish. On Friday we had that happen: 1) TTMTrend bullish for four consecutive candles without price moving up ✅ 2) PPS and most recentnTTMScalper are both bullish ✅ 3) Williams %R went bullish over -50 and then double confirmed ✅ 4) MACD bullish cross right on the 0 line ✅ 5) TTMWave over 0 while the bollinger bands are in a squeeze setup ✅ We are looking at the 15min which means we really need it to be strong out of the gate to turn the later 1 hour techs bullish so we can start a more prolonged bullish move back to 1.05-1.25 range. The key will be seeing relative volume standard deviation over 2 for 4 consecutive 5m candles or the second the most recent 1hr hits 2 ⏱
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