Kyle had a big Mini Seminar when the last stimulus checks went out about protecting those checks by exchanging the dollars for silver or gold. If you did you likely doubled your money so far—depending on if you used silver or if you held any leveraged ETFs. Well, we are up for another stimulus, and the effects of printing money are going to be the same. The value of the dollar drops, the value of gold and silver goes up. So for another year or more after this next round of stimulus, you can protect the value of your stimulus by exchanging it for gold. That’s how the rich get richer even when they pay the poor in straight cash, they just exchange their cash for precious metals and make a killing, then exchange it back after the dollar slides to its weakest point. 👈and that’s when you’ll start seeing commercials telling you gold is great because they’re going to be selling gold at a clip. So don’t believe it. But right now, gold and silvers headed in one direction