@bambaj you asked to see TA on $PEIX and it has a crazy set of technicals. They are so mixed at the 1hour level that I have to go to the 15m level, but A) even if I get a trajectory there, it’ll be 30min to 4 hours tops that I could get a handle on. And B) the 15m are so mixed that I have to zoom into the 5m chart to get a real clear picture. So again, 5m being even less then 15m, I’d be able to get a trajectory of like 10min to maybe an hour until I’d need to re analyze. So it sucks that we have to use the 5m and can’t use all three as preferred. Having said that, on the 5m level it really wants to be bullish. I could see this having a hot start Monday. But the one hour techs would need to shift OR just a quick news event would shock the pattern and it could happen on a single candle gap up like news plays do 🤷‍♀️ If I were to make an entry from here, I’d put a SL at 5.64 and hope the techs all went bullish for me
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