@Young05 you wanted to see TA on $MICT, and that’s a good one!!! I’m fairly certain I saw this on the RU9 or Private Reserve on Friday, and I also remember some ridiculous PTs from analysts last time I played this, can’t remember specifically though what they were. Technicals though 😘 TTMTrend bullish, bidders cutting the line! Scalper and PPS called an uptrend 6 hours before close but it’s still active. Williams well over -50! MACD is curling bearishly, but since all other techs are bullish I bet this trampolines off itself. Anyone who learned in my earlier post how to get a gauge on this might be looking at the 15m 😘 Simply due to the huge Friday, I’d enter slowly, wait for a low volume Monday morning dip. Thanksgiving week is as likely as any to give us a dip simply from lack of volume. But then hold, I see at least 2.00-2.20 coming. (Meant to tag this on the page, I think you already saw it haha)
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