@SlumDogeMillionaire @BurnsInvestments @jen16 @fomo66 @Fomo66 @MichaelPope @SamDaSockPuppetHinkie @Garymoved Part 1: Good morning everybody! Jen, your welcome for the math, & I get what your saying, but I disagree. I think the acquisitions that have been made, have been very beneficial to the company. I think its obvious why I say that about Sahara, but Interactive Concepts in Belgium, we paid $3.3 mil for and their annual revenue was $6.5 mil, & they were already profitable. This helps us have a stronger balance sheet, & extends our outreach. I think we got the big acquisition that we wanted (Sahara), & we may have a few more smaller ones like Interactive Concepts here & there, but I think we're mostly out of acquisition mode now. Now its time for growth & we definitely have that.