$GSAT reflecting on this wild ride tonight... I somehow bought $YIPI Yippy in 2011, which led me to buy $GSAT in ~2015 because of their partnership. Had about 10k-20k shares of GSAT at ~$1.80-$2 cost by end of 2016. (Side note: Yippy turned out to be a scam with crazy CEO, but it led me to Globalstar, and for that, I'm forever grateful.) My wife quit her job in 2019. I rolled over her 401k into an IRA and bought 100k shares of GSAT at $0.44. Sold and bought back in the $0.30-$0.60 range. Sold and bought back in the $0.60-$1.30 range. Last buy was ~56k more at ~$1.22 on 6/2/21. In total, I now have 230k shares with cost around $0.95, not counting realized gains. What a long strange trip it's been. Hold for the gold.