$GORO Don't forget the Fed has to get in front of congress on December 4th and explain why they are pumping 100's of billions of dollars per day into the equity markets to keep the bid price up. Any reasonable person with the ability to read knows this behavior has been seen before, and the outcome is never good. If the hearing is majority democratic, and they want Trump out for sure, they'll put a stop to this, and let the market slide so the President can't point to the equity markets and claim how good of a job he is doing. Michael Lewis spoke about a month ago where he opined that REPO was UBI for rich people. REPO cash (diluting our currency) going on the bid by broker dealers/member firms, and at the same time, those same firms are shorting, is probably the height of corruption I have seen in the equity markets since I have been trading. (30 Years). If the true nature of these operations gets out, the confidence in the U.S. equity markets will suffer a huge blow.
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