$EVOK Evoke Pharma everyone that is long on this stock has to listen to makes this shoot up. Pit all your shares up for sales at $40.00 for 3 months. Your shares cannot be borrowed and the stock will sky rocket. All these shorts will be done and they will finally get off this chat line with their stupid comments. We need to finally make a stand and get this stock back up. Gimoti is selling increasing sales weekly, thousands of people are switching. If you phone the call centre they will tell you it is non stop with callers and orders. This is the just the beginning, this will be sold world wide. I still think as sales keep increasing the company will be bought very soon. They can break Eversana contract like CEO stated and sell the company anytime. This is where the shorter’s would be set up and go broke. Put your shares for sale and stop them from being borrowed and shorted.
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