$EVOK these shorter’s have to be stop for publicly make false claims that insurance companies doe not cover the drug. This is a number you press when you call in to help you with your claim. Secondly producing 2009 or 2004 claims,from old reports taking out dates. Example the drug in CERTAIN countries was allowed for 5 day usage at a very strong ML. That has all change along with the lower doses of ML rate. Many European countries accept the drug with various ML rates or length. These lies must stop and they have to be dealt with. They even have changed official docs when copying and pasting. The drug is selling and covered by insurance call the hot line. Person calls doctor call back to accept patient on drug 5 mins and away they go. The company will keep growing with sales and expanding to other parts of the world. Wit 24 million shares this is grossly undervalued.
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