$AYTU PATHETIC!!! DOWN -0.30 cents PPS from support but happy about mere +0.07 gain on spike (after 3 weeks) and on top of that Friday πŸ˜„ Only a bag holder would rejoice over this... nothing like amateurs masquerading as investor waiting whole Month to make +30cents per dollar that can be done in single day. I know I did it today and I still have not single share for weekend holding πŸ˜„
@Munni πŸ˜„ The end is near... there is no grantee with life. Not mine or yours so why take uncertainty as wild card? Secure your profit today live stress free much happy life. Notice why I'm trolling? I'm happy. This is not ENVY or VANITY. I want you to make money... reach your full potential and only way you will see it is if you follow the numbers as it doesn't lie.
@iBioHKM jeez. What a bunch of crap. Statistically speaking 95% of all internet trolls do it out of boredom, anger or dissatisfaction of their own life, I doubt you belong to the 5%. Second, not every investor sits and stress up about it, some are addicted to the thrill, some try to make quick money, some sit at home with 3 huskies and have enough money to worry about losing a few thousands.
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