$NEOM I have a feeling this team is connected in some way... This is the corporation that merged with Hyzon via $DCRB 1. They still have DCRB 2 which hasnt revealed any specific companies yet... See more in comments. Pure speculation here. See more in comments.
@MunusDeus Sounds completely reasonable. NeoMedia, who delisted in 2016, has returned as a Saudi company, with a different name, worth billions and NEOM stock trades at .0014. You’ll be rich in no time!!! Such great DD!! 🤣🤣🤣
@Merkin - 1. it wasn’t delisted, you obviously don’t know what that means. 2. Hmm, 2016... Interesting... 3. Please keep spewing vitriolic ignorance with no basis in reason or logic - I feed on that!