$NEOM Regarding the post below. I started digging into domain name sales history. You can use this website and play around yourself: namebio.com/relax Every website I have searched thus far, that I know was “sold”, comes up with a record. Websites like “Google . com” that were created, but never sold, do not come up. Neom . com does not come up. How can this be, if it was once owned by NeoMedia Technologies Inc. (NM LLC/ YA Global) but now Saudi controls it? There are only two logical explanations. 1. The website does not contain every record of sale (I’ve searched about 10 and every single sale came up listed). 2. neom . com domain wasn’t sold to Saudi … meaning … there must be an active partnership/collaboration between YA Global (NeoMedia Tech) and Saudi … Any thoughts or better research from anybody else?
@MunusDeus you have shown a form D which YA sold 48 mil of assests(securities and etc) of Neomedia to private investor am i right? I am still confused about form D which you talked about in all your DD.