$MDMP so my EEENF dropped 7 cents before open.. ignoring my sell limit order at .08..instant bag holder.... and MDMP dumps too...so glad I set an order to buy more at open, thinking this would be the time we pushed up.....Guess I have no hand to play here..or sense of this market..AI wins again ?..getting old...I did really good picking sector funds for 5 years...but this OTC sh*t..damn.
@CGreeneGo @TheGuy870 yes, I did some DD already, read filings, following "leaders" in ST, sounded great, first bought in at .40, then the f*cking bottom fell out, okay? So, noone saw that coming..everyone was saying "dollar"! Glad to hear you believe, I think it SHOULD be a great one to hold and add, but given what I've seen in the OTC tge last 2 months, I'm really cautious to hang my hat on something...maybe when more of my 50% OTC bags get refilled, and AI programs stop controlling every stock price in this market...until then, you can call me cautious, and cynical.