$HTZ This is meant for someone going long into the future.. most of us are here for the pump.. Hardest working bear on this ticker... and he cares. =)
$HTZ Has everyone magically forgot that we covid19 is a thing and pretend that the travel industry is going to recovery like it never happened. Flu season is also upon us now, so you know the skepticism for travel is going to increase more. Listen don't develop herd thinking, because when one gets slaughtered, as does the rest. Now if covid was behind us, there is a slight possibility that i would be on the other side of this. But the stars aren't aligned with this companies fate. One step at a time for real investors. Let's get a clear vision for this company's ability to adapt, actual approval of the loan speculation, and then make a decision. Money will be made regardless. "Wealth is transferred from the impatient to the patient" - Warren Buffet
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