$VET.X i took profits, this run doesn’t have much more momentum notice the 12hr got rejected from the 20MA, also the 4hr got rejected by the ichimoku and for me to be a bull again the 12 hr needs to close 12 hr candles above 0.0139 before I even see a move to 0.0188 region but for now if we continue to close 12hr below 0.0139 most likely that will signal downside continuation leading into the weekly close I do how ever like how the 1,2,3,4,5 day have a snake cross pointed up on the stochastic so I may be wrong about sub penny for now but I see one more dump to the 0.0103-0.0095 region before a massive pump likely over 100% from that region so I’m almost a bull but until Sunday I’m still bearish short term opportunity is near!! If we don’t break 0.0105 then 0.0108-0.012 would be the last best buying opportunity before pump
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