@Bmrtraders @NAKD_Zkestner87 yeah just finished video. I can’t believe people discussing it likes it is theoretical. They need to pay anyone else to create a mirror system. They are the back end. 😆 Over half the markets run through them. They depend on people losing interest and accepting losses. If you don’t take your losses the system breaks down. We own the stock. Nobody selling. MM has to create liquidity. They open shorts into market searching for anybody willing to fold. We buy those shares. Uh oh, got to trade sideways. Oh 👀 someone got impatient, better snatch up those shares and take it down a notch to see if they can get another. They have to do this like a bookie. It’s literally part of their function. Problem is they wanted to run market and make their own bets against the bettors. Greed sometimes has a price.