$RECAF All the riff-raff coming in here lately after the fake lawsuit win is amusing. If I were to listen to anyones advice, it would be the talented professionals working in the industry that frequently post, not some pissant basher. Do your DD folks and recaf will look quite promising in the short and long term. CEO Scott-35 years in exploration with Haliburton and Exxon which is exploring just offcoast Namibia. Probly full of shit eh? Shiraz Dhanani Lead Geophysicist-More than 40 years’ experience with BP and Exxon. More junk science eh? Bill Cathey - Geophysicist Aeromagnetic expert. More than 25 years of potential field interpretation experience. They found an active petroleum system off Aeromag - Doh! Nick Steinsberger - 33 years’ experience in petroleum engineering, drilling and completions/production and facilities. He must be there to complete production and facilities eh? The drill is named Jarvie, check that too. Fuk with the bull you get the horn.