$VXRT Check out SGSI a promising newly reverse merger with steady growth [CHECK IT OUT BEFORE OCT 18th] [PLEASE DO YOUR DD AS WELL] Insights: highwirenetworks.com/about/ Rebranding from SGSI to HWNI in mid October sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data... Closing of SVC, Inc acquisition any time soon Preparing for its intended up-listing to the NASDAQ GMT with over 25 years of experience. highwirenetworks.com/ $10.8 millions in revenue for Q2 Q3 is expected to boost 60% with the addition of the Spectrum entities and new Overwatch Managed Security Division contracts sec.gov/ix?doc=/Archives/ed... Recently: -Launched Overwatch Ransomware Kill Switch Powered by Airgap -Hired EVP of Finance to Accelerate Up-listing -Their Overwatch Managed Security division reported a 22 percent increase in monthly recurring revenue + 41 percent boost in total contract value from June-July -EPS [TTM] $2.13 -P/E Ratio[TTM] 0.2x Undervalued -OS Shares 35.7M -Market Cap 16M -Cash on hand 4.8M