$SOS you all do realize what can happen if a research group reports false claims on a company that results in severe devaluation - not a lot - but if the same research companies are proven to have been part of in anyway buying or selling said stock- or being hired by the prosecuting party to do so-all the while being arms length to the lead blower or participant in a class action suit - oh boy oh boy / and let’s say someone has this proof of their connection with the attorneys(because the institution they work to transact with has a active whistleblower)- just know they don’t get to slither away from this the louder whistle wins - and they won’t see it coming until it’s toooooo late - $SUB $3.85 is what they need and I can map it out for you all of you like but the data is on the coming eom sec institutional report which will include short players activity — I promise you the people win here