$MNKD On the call yesterday Mike indicated the focus would be on the T1 patient, no longer pursuing T2. T1 are primarily seen by endos so there is a concentrated base of Health Care Professionals to call on. Properly executed, top endos should be called on 2x / week and next group, 1.5x / week on average. Babysit to explain why faster Afrezza is better, how to properly dose, titrate, deal with cough and most importantly, reimbursement / prior auth. New Diabetes educators on board can help the cause. If this strategy is correct, sales and profit should be rising as we speak. May not be significant in the month, but there should be an impact in terms of YTD vs LYTD. If we don't see this, the strategy or execution is flawed. At this point, Mike either does not know what to do, knows but can't do it or is buying time for additional data to come in or hoping something good happens. Hope however is not a strategy.
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