$AIMT After suffering through last night's megalomaniacal posts let me clarify a couple things. Aimmune will most likely NOT issue more stock on approval. They have already said they are in a good cash position to fund their pipeline and they have a credit facility from KKR. Secondly, the high short interest figures do not portend an immanent sell off. They have been high for years, with the stock going down and the stock going up. More likely some of the short interest is part of an arbitrage that we do not participate in, and some of it a bet against FDA approval, regardless of the merits. If there is an FDA approval perhaps there will be a short squeeze, maybe not. As far as buyouts go, if AIMT gets an FDA approval, they become a likely target. But that's all you can say about it. No one knows whether or when they will be bought. But with an FDA approval the company is well positioned to function on its own. (next)
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