$VXRT OWS has our NHP study results.. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that they're good considering that the preclinical mouse studies and hamster studies are good... but realize they've had no reason to fund us yet because funding won't get them a pill any quicker (we've had enough cash on hand to get thru phase 1 & 2). With that being said.. now we have an offering that can lead to enough cash to get through phase 3..(Novavax did an offering which lead to OWS funding soon after). I know it doesn't seem like it now because the stock dropped to offering price like all stocks do, but now the pressure is building for OWS to fund us sooner to save money. Once new milestones are hit we could charge whatever we want . The "funding" provided by OWS isn't for R&D , it's a contract to buy X amount of doses. Now the time for them to buy will be before phase 2 . They no longer have the option of waiting to buy cheap when we're out of cash.
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