Though it could still happen (and will certainly count as a strike against the company if it does), I'm sure all following along on the $MNKD stream will appreciate the implications of the company NOT "sneaking in a negative PR late in the day on a Friday" as we start to head into the early twilight hours here in California. And, as asked a few days ago when there seemed to be Team2013 Reunion taking place on the board - were you busy buying the stock... or the nonsense... this week (and your answer to that question probably correlates fairly strongly to how confident you feel about your investment, yes?) We'll keep our fingers crossed that the newswires remain quiet between now and midnight Westlake time, but provided they do, kudos to all who have figured what a red herring actually looks like when they see one ;-) Have a great weekend!
@whiskyqueen While there is no rule that says the company couldn't wait until Monday morning to put out a PR, my experiences w/ biotech stocks suggest that whenever there is "bad news behind the scenes" (i.e. the kind that those "in the know" always seem to hear about first... and whose selling would count as a possible explanation for the selling earlier this week), it often comes out late in the day on Friday when people "aren't looking." Of course, this time could be different. but given the light volume (relative to the magnitude of the price drop), it is looking more and more like "panic selling" is the most likely culprit behind the sell-off (vs. "yet-to-be-disclosed bad news")... and I'm sure you probably noticed there wasn't really anyone around here trying to fan the flames all week long about what a crappy company, management team, product (and, yes, even newsletter writers who follow the $MNKD story) are involved as the stock started to slide ;-) #MikehastwoGo