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    Nate Joined Aug 05, 2012


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      Scott Gordon
      Active, long time trader using proprietary analysis of momentum indicators including the 52 Week Hi/Low ratio, MACD, RSI, and Volume+ metrics. I am a daily trader but not a day trader.
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      Investment Banking Associate en Grupo Financiero Actinver, Investment Banking Analyst en Grupo Financiero Actinver
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      Master Ichimoku
      Using Ichimoku, with TC2000, to find breakouts, often before anyone else shows up. I target specific patterns and breakout areas, mixing fundamentals depending on the ticker and industry. I rank 145 industries and pick on industries performing well.
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      Mike Official Account
      Focus on fundamentals and some technicals. Need catalysts to get me interested. Mainly focused on small cap growth stocks, turnarounds, or beaten down big caps.
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      Let the trades come to you. Cut losses quickly. Plan the trade and trade the plan. Diversification is a myth. All in or all out!
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      Michael Kramer Official Account
      Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management, the home of the MCM Long-Term Thematic Growth Portfolio and Research Services.
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      Eric Landis
      Contributor to Seeking Alpha, owner of, with an interest in value investing and dividend growth stocks. Civil Engineer by day, Stock Geek by night.
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      The Kid
      Let's make some money.
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      ZacksResearch Official Account helps investors find the best stocks with proven strategies, interesting commentary and powerful stock market and investing tools.
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      Kimberly Clark
      Long term investor: 5-10 years; October 2017 Portfolio :
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      InvestorsBusinessDaily Official Account
      Investor's Business Daily provides stock market news and analysis, powerful investing products, and education to help investors make money in the market. All content is for educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice.
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      Bill Gunderson Official Account
      President of Gunderson Capital Mgt. Host of nationally syndicated Best Stocks Now Radio Hour. Inventor of Best Stocks Now app. Frequent contributor to Fox, CNBC, Marketwatch & TheStreet.
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      Swing Trades with a twist, master market movements in advance, save research time, reduce your risks, increase your profitability, learn and earn!
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      Canslim style, Only learn thru experience(17 years). Mkts like poker/chess. Know hand your dealt manage risk accordingly. Use ST 2talk to MYSELF n journal. $ pattern = same pivot at least 2 different timeframes daily/weekly/monthly
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      361 Capital Official Account
      Since 2001, 361 has specialized in delivering distinctive investment strategies. Follow us @361capital. Learn more at
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      Bobby Axelrod
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      Paul La Monica Official Account
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      Justice "Jack" Litle Official Account
      Mercenary Trader: Timely market commentary, valuable resources for current and aspiring traders, awesome interviews and free special reports, high quality materials on the psychology, theory and practice of trading, and more.
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      News, Catalysts, Moving PPS Technical / Fundamentals Trading *watching the tape long or short* Volume-Momentum-Trends