@Nathan_To_Lose @itscoronatimee yes great feedback. My sense is a lot of this is a deliberate plan by Boyd and others to avoid the pump and dump fiascos you see with other stocks right now. I’m in OPKO, a more mature, diverse pharma with a large float and they’ve done a great job managing a steady climb for their SP. they’ve avoided the massive dumps that hurt credibility. I think Boyd wants this SP over $5 so funds will be more attracted to investing in it. Leave the penny stock world behind.
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@SWICH @itscoronatimee I Would completely LOVE to see an steady move up with the same pasion as we saw the move downwards,atm we keep on the edge over the EMA, this break down could be nasty or just be the begining for a greater move anyway check Cerecor SP movement with AYTU for the last 2 weeks, there are variation but not real changes on their trajectory both are super close at the 2:1 proportion like clockwork, something is comming really soon!
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