$THBR @Vikingsixty2 SP did a double bottom test a few days ago and gapped up over its 20DMA today. Didn't close strong, but it did hold the gap. Will be interesting to see if it can hold the level without filling the gap and dipping back below the 20DMA, as it did last time. Also, will be looking to see if the SP can push through resistance at the 12$ range, which is both the upper price channel band (12.09$) and the first formal level of resistance. A formal double top breakout would be a move above 12.50$. Beyond 12.50$, 13$ and 15$ come into play. RSI is not in the overbought range yet, so there is still some room to run based on price momentum. The TTM Squeeze is going in the right direction, as of today. IMO, something will be needed to drive this SP out of its current price channel. But, once it's out, 15$ is a right there and then your looking at the 20$ range for a technical breakout PT. Good luck!