@Chan510 @beepb @JPCRYPTO @MoneyMek14 Hey everyone, love the discussions above, happy to see you all talking about our ecosystem. In short, nodes reward the holder with utility tokens utilized within our product ecosystem. Every time a client pays for a product, a smart contract must be signed. A portion of the fees from smart contracts go towards the utility reward pool - 80% of the fees are shared by node holders based upon protocol, while the remaining 20% of the portion is burnt from total supply. Currently the rewards are very little because our solutions are being adopted by the masses, but when millions of users are utilizing our products, the true value will be displayed. Fixed staking is simply how it sounds. You stake tokens and receive a fixed reward. If you have a matured node, then you can enter pools that enable you to stake a greater amount and receive a higher APR%. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but I might be a little slow responding here.