$PQEFF - There is merit to Shell Oil being interested in PetroTeq. Shell has been the largest TarSand extractor for decades. They created their own technology - highly inefficient and harsh on the environment. They sold most of their interest in tarsand extraction over the last 5 years. They could never breakthrough the EPA and BLM (not that BLM) in Utah... Well now there is a new tech in town that Utah likes. PetroTeq may be the ying to the Shell yang. Wouldn't that be something. Shell drops it's expensive In-Situ conversion process in lieu of PEQ's tech. I'll hold...
@DigiRati I'm totally picking up what your putting down on $PQEFF and the breadcrumbs to Shell. I sense we're being acquired...I'll explain: The thing that's been bugging me about the inconsequential and meaningless(in my opinion) delay in this 10Q and the entire restating non-sense for footnoting a dismissed CEO liability is: Why in the hell did someone at the Staff of the SEC reach out about this non-footnoted liability on a micro cap stock that's traded OTC? Redline has said nothing. How did the staff at the SEC know about this? My guess and I'll connect it to DR's thoughts above, I think Petroteq is in a diligence with an acquirer. Having been through many due diligences...my guess is that the acquirer is scrubbing the past liabilities and discovered the "settlement". In order for a public company to acquire another, they need clean financials and clean shareholder liabilities. This restatement accomplishes both...just saying this is a good thing! Long & Strong PQEFF!