$APPS My Scribbles. That huge wick on earnings day shows enthusiasm for the stock. Unfortunately, I fear retail gusto has started to overtake sensibility somewhat. @dennismccain I know you're an old school APPS trader and may have some winners bias, but what do you think of my chart hieroglyphics? Seems to me that this price looks really good from a risk reward perspective. The levels are clearly defined, and seem to adhere to Fibonacci voodoo as well. Making stops practically self evident. People (retail traders) like this stock. And it trades rather healthily. However the underwhelming reaction on earnings from smart money, kept the price in check. And that double top is clear enough. There's a fair amount of recent overhead supply as well. Which often leads to break even traders selling at the previous high again and again until it churns out. You said I was your canary in the coal mine on this one. So here's a warning. ...I'm going in again.
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