$BB Why are there so many articles about John Chen's pay wrong? The Yahoo article by Jessy Bains states John Chen made $141M in 2018. They are rolling up the potential value he might see over 5 years & assigning it to 1 year. JC gets a $3M a year salary. He elected to get paid mostly in stock. He gets 1M shares per year over 5 years. This is part of his pay. If he leaves it in stock, any appreciation in value is his investment, not part of his salary. If BB hits $16, he gets an additional 1M shares. Another 1M shares for each dollar in stock price until $20. He doesn't get the additional 5M shares unless the price hits $20. That means the stock needs to go up 150% to get the first 1M stock incentive at $16. Over 5 years, he can get 10M shares, but only if we see $20. For him to get the one time $90M cash award, the price would have to hit $30. That's a 350% increase. He pulled this thing out of the dumpster. If he can get to $30 (hopefully more) by 2023, he deserves it.
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